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Personalized Plan
Personalized Plan

Personalized Plan

Danielle Hamo has developed a weight loss plan based on vast amounts of peer reviewed research and understanding of the body’s metabolism and digestion mechanisms. She combines a high fiber, high protein, 6 meals-per-day diet along with habit modification methods, and psychology techniques to form a 360 degree view at forming a new life style that leads to your goal weight and disease prevention. When needed, blood work and genetic testing are used to form a complete picture.

Her diet plan will allow you to enjoy food from all three food groups: healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins. The combination of high protein and high fiber will assure you will not feel hungry while losing weight. She also concentrates on introducing foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and low in omega 6 fatty acids to cause an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, which is key in chronic disease prevention. The plan includes 3 meals and 3 snacks and can be easily altered to fit all schedules. It offers a large variety of foods, and works in alcohol, desserts, and eating at restaurants to assure this can be a lifestyle not a depriving diet.

Nutrition counseling, via skype or in person, along with the weight loss plan is given and absolutely necessary. Studies show significantly greater results with counseling than with diet alone. During counseling sessions obstacles are discussed and overcome, successes reviewed, questions answered, motivation maintained, and adherence to the plan is assured. Additional correspondence via e-mail along the way is also included to the face-to-face counseling sessions.

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The Philosophy


  • 6 Small Meals
  • High fiber, High protein
  • High in omega 3
    fatty acids
  • Freebie food list
  • High satiety - lose weight
    without feeling hungry


  • Stress release
  • ID & change bad habits
  • Positive attitude
    & self faith
  • Build lifelong
    healthy habits
  • Celebrate success
  • Mindful eating


  • Change your
    to support
    weight loss efforts
  • Create & provide
    an emotional
    support system


  • Physical activity
  • Feel and look better
  • Be intrinsically motivated
    - exercise for sake of it
  • Sleep well


  • Weight Loss Plan:
    • Personalized weight loss eBook + printed book + initial
      counseling session (Skype/in-person in Miami, Florida office).
    • Follow up counseling sessions

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  • Additional services available, as needed
    (for more information please contact Danielle)
    • Blood work and genetic testing
      • Food sensitivity/intolerance test
      • Genetic testing for personalized nutrition
    • Medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure,
      irritable bowel syndrome, renal diet for dialysis and none dialysis patients,
      and more.
    • Kitchen makeover
    • Supermarket tours
    • Corporate wellness program development
    • Article/blog writing
    • Group presentations

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